Gift Card Terms and Conditions

In order to take advan tage of this offer, you must make a reservation 24hours in advance. This reservation will be confirmed upon availability.

An y change or cancellation must be communicated up to 24h before the reservation date. If you don ́t attend, the reservation is canceled and non-refundable.

This gift card has a set value and will be discoun ted at one meal of your choice. The total value of the meal will have to be equal to or higher than the value of the gift card, since it is not refundable. You should save the card and presen t it on the day of the reservation.

Each card has a expiration date. In case of loss, theft, damage or lack of reading, it will be invalid however, you can ask for a new one to the restaurant, prior to the reservation date.

You can only use this card once.

The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than the purchase/sale of the Gift Card.

All information entered in this form is the responsibility of the person entering it, whether it is personal information or that of a third party.

Subsequently and solely for the purpose of processing the purchase/sale of the gift card, you may be contacted by a member of the Brasão Bistrô Team via telephone or email: [email protected].

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